Jennifer Lopez doesn’t just look good at 52. For this, the star constantly has to make great efforts.

The singer herself admits that dancing is her passion, without which she cannot live, therefore she regularly practices it. Fitness trainer Victoria Vidyakina noted that at this age it’s really enough to dance to keep fit, but there is one caveat.

“I’m sure she has enormous loads. This is not dancing, where you came to aerobics, jumped for 40 minutes in a team of 30 some girls with a coach. She still has personal loads, they are very complex, very difficult. These are not the loads that we can think of, ”the fitness trainer explained to PopCornNews.

It does not matter which direction a woman wants to choose for weight loss. It’s about the energy expended, so any dance helps to keep fit.

Vidyakina advised ladies over 50 to engage in physical and physical activity, eat right, take care of themselves and drink dietary supplements to preserve their youth. However, they must be selected individually with specialists.

In addition, dancing should only be practiced under the supervision of a qualified coach. This is especially true of the pole, which is now gaining popularity even among adult ladies. In this direction, there is a large load on the joints and back.

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