The nature of our work here at Push Square means we have to look to the future most of the time, but there are definitely games we like to pick up on here and there. One of them is Knockout City, the excellent multiplayer dodge-brawler title from Velan Studios. As with many online experiences these days, it’s an ever-evolving game with seasonal updates, new playlists, and more. The latest is Heatwave, a limited-time event that will take place over the next two weeks.

As mentioned in this tweet, Heatwave introduces Ice Pops to each card, for a total of 100. As you play matches and find these cool collectibles, you’ll earn Heatwave Tickets, which can then be redeemed. for items exclusive to the event in the store. Of course, there are also heatwave specific contracts to complete, which reward you with a lot of these tickets for finding all the Ice Pops at each stage.

After taking it for a quick spin, it’s a simple but joyful event with some lovely summer vibes. If you love Knockout City, you’ll be playing Heatwave anyway, but has this limited-time event brought you back? Will you try to find all those Ice Pops? Take a Double Raspberry Magnum in the comments section below.

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