Despite the failed IPO last week, Club Brugge still plans to go public. Chairman Bart Verhaeghe confirms this in a conversation with VRT NWS. “We will be pleasantly surprised within a few years”, it even sounds ambitious.

“Of course I am disappointed,” said Verhaeghe, who was due to enter the fair with his team on March 26, but had to cancel those plans in extremis. “As an entrepreneur it is not nice that you do not do something you had planned. But I can frame this. And I can see that a number of mistakes have been made from which we would like to learn for the future. ”

“Now is not the time to start billing,” he continues. “That’s not necessary and that’s not how I work as an entrepreneur. I mainly look at what I can learn from this. (…) As a board, we are moving forward in unison. Most importantly, Club Brugge is a well run and organized company. The company runs on wheels with good people, a very good business strategy, a good story, … It is strong on the books, on the balance sheet and on the field. ”

But Verhaeghe confirms at VRT NWS that it is still his intention to go on the stock exchange with blue-black. “This is a postponement and not a cancellation. We do not rule out anything. The process continues. We want to make the company even stronger and within a few years we will be pleasantly surprised. But we will then communicate about that at the appropriate time. ”

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