On Sunday, blue-black will go to the capital, first Clement looked over the daily news. The transfer of 19-year-old Tibo Persyn was finally completed this morning : “Tibo is more of an option for the future. We have to see how he will do and whether he can compete with Mata and Van Der Brempt. He has a very interesting profile – Tibo is an eager player, a boy of the house as well. We are a top club, we need competition”.

The match comes too early for Hans Vanaken, Eduard Sobol and perhaps also Simon Mignolet: “Simon has participated in parts of the group training in recent days. It’s hard to say right now if he can play. We want to build this step by step. It is good for Senne (Lammens, 19-year-old goalkeeper, ed.) that he can gain this experience. He took his chance and proves that we made the right choice to bet on him.”

After almost 50 years, Union will be celebrating its return to its own stadium at the highest level on Sunday: “When you see how delighted our fans are after ten months of absence… It will be a witches’ cauldron. I have known Felice (Mazzu, ed.) for a long time – he is more than a colleague after our Pro License course. He is very eager to show his qualities. Just like Beerschot and OHL last year, Union came to 1A with great enthusiasm. We want to win every match. If it doesn’t, you’ll be disappointed. We will have to be more efficient than against Eupen. And give the opponent fewer chances to score themselves. We have to get stronger at that.”


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