Motherhood is without a doubt the happiest and at the same time tiring period in a woman’s life. For this reason we see modern moms choosing comfortable sets, consisting of sportswear or athleisure sets. When they appear with a total knitted ensemble and when with elegant overalls. In any case, they prove that comfort is not deprived of the elegance of a careful style. This is what Christina Boba emphasizes through her last appearances.

She gave birth to her twin daughters a while ago and she looks happier than ever. Both the paparazzi’s camera lens and the personal camera of her mobile phone capture the family moments she experiences with her husband, Sakis Tanimanidis, and their children. The same person who is very active on her Instagram account does not miss a moment to show us the happy side but also the difficult side of motherhood, as well as her stylistic choices now that she has become a mother.

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