Comedian and actor Chris Rock commented on the legal showdown between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

The couple has been figuring out for more than a month who is right and who is wrong in their relationship. The artists turned the court case into a crazy reality show that the whole world is watching.

Chris Rock, who became one of the participants in the scandalous story at the Oscars with Will Smith, supported the Pirates of the Caribbean star in the battles of the star family. Recall that at the awards ceremony of the American Film Awards, Rock unsuccessfully joked about the appearance of the wife of the star of the film “Men in Black”, for which he received a tasty slap in the face.

The comedian urged not to believe the words of Amber Heard. The artist believes that Hurd diverts attention from the real victims of domestic violence. He is afraid that after such incidents no one will trust them.

“Trust all women except Amber Heard. What is she doing? She defecated on his bed. I met inadequate women, but this is already too much, ”Rock is quoted by IndieWire .

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