Chris Evans, who played the role of Captain America, could become a father. The famous singer and blogger Lizzo announced pregnancy from the actor. If the information is indeed correct, then this child will be the first for Evans.

Earlier, Lizzo confessed that she simply adores “The Avengers”, and most of all she loves Evans.

Recently, Lizzo went to social networks to make a statement. The singer confessed that she was expecting a baby, and dad – “the same Chris”.

“This is what I tried to keep as very personal. I wanted to keep it between the two of us, but since I’m live today, I’m talking. We’ll have Little America! ” She said.

To this video, the singer added a music track from the movie “The First Avenger” with Chris Evans. Whether the vocalist joked or not, remains unknown. It is also not clear what Evans himself thinks about what has been said.

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