We are in the heart of summer with the heat now afflicting us on a daily basis. And since the temperatures have hit red, you are probably looking for those hairstyles that will solve your hands in your daily life at the office, on walks, and even on your evening outings.

We know what you want: to style your hair so that it does not keep you warm by covering your back and shoulders, but without having to end up again with the classic meatball bun or a simple ponytail.

Especially if you have very long or a lot of hair, this need becomes more urgent, as there is nothing worse than sweating because of a long mane on your back.

Fortunately, there are celebrities who, with their daily appearances and the hairstyles they try, give us endless ideas for our own hairstyles. And of course, we could not help but take a look at the ultimate fashion and beauty insider, Chiara Ferragni, who is a great source of inspiration, especially after her visit to Cannes.

The young manoula is also known for her rich, long and (extremely) shiny and healthy hair, so there is no better way to show us the way on how we can catch our hair in the heat.

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