How many times have you looked at old photos and wondered “But how did I wear this then?” If we want to be honest, we need to admit that we have all made small or big stylistic mistakes that we are not so proud of. Finding your personal style is not an easy process, you need to try different types of lines and clothing styles to come up with one that expresses you the most and makes you feel yourself.

Even some women who are now considered style icons and inspire millions of women around the world have succumbed to stylistic mistakes or have appeared with looks that they would rather forget. A typical example is Chiara Ferragni. In October 2009, she created her personal blog, The Blonde Salad, inspiring millions of women around the world, and her huge rise has become a case study at Harvard University. Since then, Chiara Ferragni has managed to gather 23.4 million followers on Instagram, has collaborated with luxury fashion and beauty companies such as Guess, Lancome, Steve Madden, Tod’s, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Benetton and Mango. She walked the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival, posed as a cover for the world’s top fashion magazines,

But even Chiara Ferragni, who has worked with top fashion houses and has been described as a street style icon, has some appearances – at the beginning of her career – that she would definitely like to forget. Clothes that did not flatter her silhouette, combinations that are not so stylish or accessories that caught the eye, but for the wrong reason. But the biggest mistake Chiara Ferragni has made with her style is what most women do. She adopted all the fashion trends, without distinguishing which ones suit her and which ones do not depending on her personal style. However, over the years, her looks have evolved tremendously and she continues to serve as an inspiration to millions of women around the world.

So the conclusion is that the stylistic development comes over time and that you do not need to be afraid that you will make mistakes, since you will learn from them and you will now know what suits you and what does not. So on the occasion of the birthday of Chiara Ferragni, who is now 34, we remember ten looks from the beginning of her career that she would definitely like to forget.

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