‘Big Rom’ had a positive conversation with his trainer on Monday. It remains to be seen whether he will publicly apologize for the explosive interview that dominated the (world) media for five days.

Due to that storm, Lukaku fell next to the team against Liverpool on Sunday. Chelsea coach Tuchel watched the full interview with translation on Monday. Then he spoke it out with Lukaku. He apologized internally. He has underestimated the impact of the interview – which he gave without interference and permission from his club.

Lukaku certainly does not aim for a transfer. The club doesn’t want to sell it either. Owner Roman Abramovich, nevertheless a trainer devourer, was behind Tuchel’s decision to put Lukaku in the shadows on Sunday, but he also does not want to get rid of his record profit of 115 million euros. His right-hand man, CEO Marina Granovskaia, mediated between all parties. Capital is not simply destroyed.

Chelsea will fine the player. The club will never explain how high that will be: clubs can take away from players a maximum of two weekly wages (about 500,000 euros net).

Tuchel: “We are pleased that we have taken our time to discuss it calmly. We did. He has apologized. And trains with us again. It was at a bad time, for such a big match. Now we had enough time to talk everything out.”

“We have accepted his apology. It was also the first time he had done something wrong. He had no intention of causing any trouble. Not to leave. He should have known better, but we are mature enough to accept this. Romelu is very open in the media. Also in the dressing room and with me. Maybe this was too open. Supporters have a right to be offended, but for us the matter is closed.”


“I have no doubts. He will remain committed to the team and the club. He is very aware of what he has caused. He feels the responsibility to clean up this mess. It might still smell a little, but he can handle that. Romelu is very passionate. Sometimes he has heart on his tongue.”

“In the past year I’ve had to deal with much more difficult quotes than this one. I don’t see any misunderstanding in communication. I am still surprised. Romelu and I are on the same wavelength. I assume he wants to stay here for a long time. He still has a long-term contract.”

Phone call from Tuchel

‘Big Rom’ was immensely popular in Milan, but did not have the easiest integration off the pitch in London. “My son and my mother lived with me in Milan. We did everything together,” he told Sky Italia. For Lukaku it now comes down to winning back the angry supporters.

It is suggested left and right that Tuchel was not behind Lukaku’s arrival. Erling Haaland (Dortmund) was first choice last summer, but cost a multiple of our compatriot. Tuchel didn’t give up and took his phone. He had many conversations with Lukaku to convince him and choose Chelsea.

Tuchel didn’t pose in the first pictures of Lukaku at Chelsea for a simple reason. Due to the Covid rules, he was not allowed to enter England without a quarantine. CEO Granovskaia finalized the deal in Milan and on the French Riviera. That’s where the photos were taken. Only afterwards did Lukaku travel on to London.


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