It became known what part of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s property is claimed by his ex-wife.

It took ten years for former spouses Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist Maria Shriver to settle all the squabbles with the divorce. The couple announced their separation in 2011, but finally divorced only in 2021.

The sad ending of a celebrity marriage is like a Mexican TV series. Bodybuilder cheated on his wife with a housekeeper. Moreover, the careless wife noticed this only when she realized that the servant was growing up a son, very similar to an actor.

Shriver could not forgive the betrayal and filed for divorce. The process dragged on, but successfully ended for the deceived wife. As US Weekly journalists found out , Maria claims half of the fortune of her millionaire husband.

The ex-lover will have the right to sue everything that was acquired from the moment of their marriage in 1986 until the separation in 2011. She can even claim the pension of the 74-year-old Terminator star.

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