Krista Vernoff (47) is currently the showrunner of some major series such as ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ and ‘Station 19’, but she has already worked on a number of well-known television series in the past. For example, she used to be the producer of the world famous series ‘Charmed’. But when it turned out that they had a different vision for the show from above, Vernoff decided it was time to leave.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, she said she was deeply concerned about the series at one point. In her eyes ‘Charmed’ had become ‘bad for the world’. Krista was increasingly asked from above to incorporate more nudity into the series. “I started with ‘Charmed’ because the show revolved around girl power , but about halfway through there was an episode where Alyssa Milano came into the picture as a mermaid. The number of male viewers had increased so much after that episode that they asked me every week how we could bring more nudity into the series. ”

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Vernoff also said that the pressure was getting higher because the viewing figures kept increasing. “They were offering me more and more money, but all I thought at the time was that I was making the world worse. And I didn’t feel like it ”, it said in the interview. She eventually handed in her resignation and went to work for Fox’s ‘Wonderfalls’. Not much later she finally started working at ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.

At Alyssa Milano (48) and Holly Marie Combs, the statements of their ex-producer already hit hard. “This really broke my heart. “I think we’ve just shown a whole generation of women how to stand firm and embrace their sexuality.” Her colleague Holly Marie Combs also agrees. “I am 1000% sure that ‘Charmed’ was not bad for this world,” he said.

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