Nastasya Samburskaya found people’s love thanks to her role in the TV series Univer. After that, the actress led her fitness blog, played in theatrical productions and planned to practice chanson.

Recently, Nastasya has not advertised the details of her life on social networks. In 2019, she received recognition as the “Discovery of the Year” at the “Chanson of the Year” award. In 2021, the actress decided to repeat her success in the cinema and played Christina Sokolovskaya in the serial film Univer. 10 years later”.

In parallel, Nastasya had a new relationship. Now she meets with the dentist Gleb Pekli. Their romance became known by accident: Samburskaya posted a joint photo on the social network and quickly deleted it. But it has been noticed. Then the couple was seen on vacation in Dubai.

Recently it became known that a spectacular brunette starred in the TV series “Vika-hurricane”. The plot of the film is the story of a woman who goes to jail for participating in a drunken brawl. Having been released, the heroine is faced with a harsh reality: her husband left, her son is in an orphanage, and a former criminal lives in her apartment. The release of the series “Vika-hurricane” is scheduled for next year.

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