Kim Kardashian revealed how long she was wearing a $4.8 million Marilyn Monroe dress.

The reputation of American TV diva Kim Kardashian came under serious question. The model was accused of defacing Marilyn Monroe’s dress. Kim kept silent for a week, but finally decided to speak out.

Kim appeared in the iconic “nude” outfit of the “Only in Jazz Girls” star at the Met Gala. Later, pictures appeared on the web, which showed that the dress was hopelessly ruined: crystals fell off, seams almost split, the fabric looked like rags.

The celebrity made a “justification” speech on the Today show. She said she only wore the outfit for a few minutes and had to change in front of the audience.

“I walked out on the red carpet in a robe and slippers, put it on and walked up the stairs. I had it on for about three or four minutes. And then I changed right at the top of the stairs,” the TV star explained.

Kim Kardashian

Earlier, the Ripley Museum, which lent the celebrity the finest garment, revealed what really happened to the dress.

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