Chainsaw Man anime trailer shown at MAPPA event.

The manga created by Tatsuki Fujimoto will have an anime.

Today at the MAPPA event we got to see the first images and trailer of the Chainsaw Man . This trailer generated a lot of media expectation yesterday as Chainsaw Man was on a trending topic for hours. The wait for the trailer has been long, but we can finally see the animation that will have the work of Tatsuki Fujimoto.

Chainsaw Man , with a protagonist who has a chainsaw on his head, is one of those rounds that doesn’t leave you indifferent. Problems with this manga? Well, it’s not officially available in Spanish.

Manga Plus offers the possibility to read the manga on its platform, but it is entirely in English. Anyway, hopefully you publish the manga every week in our language and we can read it for free and with an official translation. NOTE: Right now, MAPPA is showing new well-known anime trailers and completely new trailers. As soon as the Chainsaw Man trailer becomes available, you can watch it here.

Denji is a young man who, on the death of his father, left him many debts. To pay for them, Denji has sold various parts of his body and also uses his Chainsaw Demon. pochita to chop wood and earn extra income.

However, everything changes when he merges with his Chainsaw pet. He now lives in the big city as a demon hunter officer, but he still has a lot to learn about his new job and his chainsaw powers.

It’s all in the name! Denji’s life of poverty changes forever when he merges with his chainsaw dog Pochita! Now he lives in the big city and is an official demon hunter. But he has a lot to learn about his new craft and his chainsaw powers!

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