The Super League was actually buried before it even existed. The six English clubs started a domino effect, after which Inter and Atlético also gave up the project. Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Juventus and AC Milan did not officially do that yet. The signal for Ceferin to let the muscles roll again. “It is crystal clear that the clubs will have to choose: Super League or the Champions League. If they choose the Super League, they will of course not participate in the Champions League. And when they are ready, they can play in their own league.

Unmistakable words from the Slovenian president of UEFA, who, together with his organization, is examining whether possible penalties can still be imposed. “We are still waiting for the advice of our legal experts, but every club faces a sanction. And they know it. For me there is a big difference between the teams that admitted their mistake and the others. ” Undoubtedly to be continued.

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