The accusations against Kim Kardashian could be in vain.

A month and a half ago, the socialite made a lot of noise at the Met Gala with her appearance in a Marilyn Monroe dress. Many were afraid that on Kim’s lush hips, an outfit made of delicate fabric would simply fall apart at the seams.

After the event, photos appeared on the Web comparing Monroe’s outfit before and after Kardashian flaunted it. Attentive netizens have noticed that several rhinestones and sequins are missing from the fabric. Kim was immediately harassed on the Web for damaging the exhibit.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Employees hurried to reassure people, saying that everything was in order with Marilyn Monroe’s outfit.

“Kim Kardashian in a dress was hotly debated, but the fact remains that she did not damage the dress in any way in the short time that she was in it at the Met Gala,” they said in a conversation with Today .

The museum staff also referred to a report on the status of the exhibit, which was compiled in 2017. It indicated that several seams were already worn out at that time. The experts added: this is not surprising, because Monroe’s outfit is made of very thin fabric.

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