The new Warner Bros. film promises to be sharp and unusual. In this thriller, Zoe Kravitz, known from “Batman” and “Fantastic Beasts and Where They Live,” will play one of the twins. The other twin will be the narrator, following her everywhere she goes.

The movie is based on a short story by Lane Crowe and will be called The Sundance Kid Might Have Some Regrets, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Zoe Kravitz will not only play in it, but will also act as a producer. Matt Jackson, who worked on All Old Knives with Chris Pine, will also be among the producers.

The film will tell the story of two twins involved in bank robberies. One of them has supernatural powers (Zoe Kravitz) and the other does not. The first one’s name is Maggie and she is smart and strong not only because of her telekinesis, but also physically. The second twin is the narrator and self-proclaimed face of the operation. When a new heist goes wrong, they have to rethink their lives.


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