At the Emmy ceremony, they not only handed out statuettes for the best roles and series, but also showed several short promotions of new high-profile projects. One of these was the HBO Max season 7 teaser for Sex and the City.

After Kim Cattrall refused to return to the role of Samantha Jones, Nicole Ari Parker was supposed to become the fourth friend of the heroines of Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Christine Davis, but there was no place for her in the teaser – the public was shown only Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte, who were happy about something. York and Miranda Hobbs.

The next two seconds turned out to be much more touching: on them, Carrie, wagging her hips, dances with Mr. Big (Chris Noth) in the kitchen, and in the last frame, the couple in love merges in a passionate kiss.

Fans were mostly skeptical about the release of the new season of Sex and the City. Probably, with such a touching video, HBO Max is trying to “warm up” the audience before the premiere, which is scheduled for 2022, reports the People edition .

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