1091 Pictures acquired the distribution rights for Cameron Boyce’s latest film Avorton in the North American territories. The studio will set a day and date for the theatrical release and will also oversee its video-on-demand release this fall.

Avorton is the last film and screen appearance of actor Cameron Boyce , who died in July 2019 at the age of 20. Boyce, who played Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil in the Disney musical fantasy Descendants and Its Sequel, suffered an epileptic seizure, which resulted in his sudden death.

Avorton is directed by Will Coakley in his directorial debut and will feature a young cast starring Boyce, Brianna Hildebrand, Nicole Elizabeth Berger and Aramis Knight alongside Jason Patric. The film centers on a teenage Cal (Cameron Boyce), who due to bullying and lack of support from adults succumbs to self-destruction, pain, depression, and a dead moral compass.

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The other co-actors would also portray relatable characters of high school students, facing neglect and other social issues, causing them to sink into the cycle of pessimism and violence. Avorton is written by Christian Van Gregg and Armand Constantine with Coakley as co-writer. The film’s producers have hinted that the film will deal with teen violence and its aftermath. Speaking on their movie reception distributors, they commented.

“We are grateful to work with 1091 Pictures, who understand the relevance and power of this story; We have also partnered with the Cameron Boyce Foundation and its Wielding Peace initiative to promote peace instead of violence and raise awareness of the consequences of gun violence. . We are delighted that the public sees this powerful and exciting image. ” 

The premise of the film suggests that the film will try to dig into the psychology of adolescents in the times we live in and would likely promote the importance of adolescent mental health, counseling, parenting, and education. Cameron Boyce’s parents also added to the importance of the film and their son’s latest role, saying:

“This film is very important in the climate we live in today, Cameron was incredibly proud of this film, and we believe his powerful performance will resonate deeply with all his fans around the world. “

Neglecting abuse and bullying is a major drawback in both parent education and school administrations. The two concerns were heavily adapted movies and television, like in Charlie’s World , Carrie , and 13 Reasons Why . Avorton would likely be a more independent-style dramatic thriller, which addresses these concerns in a relatively darker tone.

Avorton has already garnered critical and audience praise at the Mammoth Film Festival where it premiered in 2020. There, the film received the Audience Award for Best Feature, validating that it would have something really important and interesting to deliver to the audience.

While Avorton is Cameron Boyce’s last film appearance, it wouldn’t be his only release in 2021. Boyce appears in eight episodes of the first season of the Amazon Prime Video series Heavenly City , in which he has a recurring role. The show also saw it regain its Progeny co-star Booboo Stewart. Avorton will receive a theatrical and VOD release this year on an unspecified day and date. This news originated in Deadline.

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