Kim Kardashian should not shed tears because of another failed romance. After all, she destroyed happiness with her own hands, deciding to put a career at the forefront.

The news about the breakup of Kim Kardashian and comedian Pete Davidson struck like a bolt from the blue. But this was to be expected, because the couple existed at a distance for a long time due to constant work and moving. In such conditions, it is extremely difficult to build a strong and serious romance, family psychologist Natalya Panfilova is sure .

“Their own understanding that they are not ready to change anything in life played a role here. At the beginning of the relationship, Kim and Pete thought that they could meet at a distance, but practice has shown the opposite. Long distance relationships are a tricky and temporary thing. Their duration depends on how much each of the partners is willing to endure.

It is almost impossible to build reliable and stable relations in such conditions. Romances at a distance are always at risk, they can end at any moment. But, perhaps, over time, the ex-partners will understand this and get back together again, ”the specialist told the News portal.

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