After her all-round final, Derwael had already stated that she feels the physical impact, especially the day after the efforts on the four devices. Yesterday was mainly dominated by recuperation. “It is the first real day off since the podium training last week,” said Heuls. Derwael is happy with that extra day: “Then I can catch my breath. Then I have to be okay again.”

Today there is already more planned in the agenda. Derwael: “We do a training and fitness the day before a final anyway. I still have to work on a few details to get through my exercise tomorrow. I have to get into the rhythm.” During the individual final tomorrow, the gymnasts will not get the chance to warm up at the competition bridge in the hall shortly before the start of their competition. The gymnasts did get that time during the qualifications, team final and all-round final. Heuls would practice even more on that ‘cold start’ with Derwael: “And today we mainly work mentally to cultivate optimal confidence.”

On race day itself, Derwael and her trainers change their normal routine as little as possible, with a light warm-up training, correct food and a short rest before fully focusing on the competition. Heuls: “Then finally comes the moment she has been looking forward to for so long.” 

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