In recently surfaced court documents, Jamie claims he didn’t have his daughter hospitalized last year, but he did receive a phone call from Jodi Montgomery regarding the subject. The latter, together with papa Spears, is responsible for the actions of the singers. And if we are to believe Jamie, he received another phone call from her on July 9th. Topic of the conversation? Montgomery, who takes care of the singer on a personal and medical level, was thought to be concerned about Britney and her mental health.

During their phone call, Jodi is said to have stated that Britney’s behavior was on the odd side. She was also concerned that the pop diva hadn’t taken her medication correctly. Jamie Spears and Jodi Montgomery then had the opportunity to have the singer recorded. Under California law, you can have someone incarcerated if they pose a danger to themselves or others. “Mrs Montgomery made it clear that my daughter is becoming unmanageable,” Jamie Spears said in a statement to the court.

All lies

In addition, Jamie Spears made it clear that he has never had his daughter recorded in the past. In his own words, he was no longer responsible for Britney’s medical condition in recent years because he himself was struggling with his health. “Jodi Montgomery and Sam Ingham, the singer’s former attorney, were responsible for her 2019 recording.”

However, that statement turns out to be incorrect. A spokesperson for Jodi Montgomery, meanwhile, made it clear in a statement that Jamie is lying. “Mrs. Montgomery worked for Jamie Spears. She didn’t have the power to let Britney Spears record. The only one who could do that was Jamie himself.” The spokesperson also said that it is in the singer’s interest that she gets her own life back in her hands. “Then Jamie can just act like her father and try to build a healthy relationship with her.”

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