“I know it will get better in the future, but at the moment zero out of six is ​​obviously not good enough,” Priske opens. “Even with a core that wasn’t quite round yet, that had to be improved. I can tell you that on Sunday evening, after the defeat against Kortrijk, we were very disappointed. It was actually a match to end in a draw, but we were left empty-handed. And when I look at the ranking now, it really hurts. At the same time, I have noticed that everyone has turned the switch again from the middle of the week. We’ve had a few good training days. The choice is also increasing, because today there were no fewer than 24 players on the field.”

“It is never easy at Standard, especially with a zero out of six behind your name”, realizes Priske. “And yet we will play football at Sclessin with an open mindset. We’re not going for a 0-0 or a 1-1, we’re going to win. Normally Michel-Ange Balikwisha is in the selection for the first time against his ex-club. He has recovered from his injury and is training again. That the Standard audience will probably whistle Balikwisha? Oh, that’s part of it. Balikwisha will be able to handle that. He will be able to frame things. That boy is never nervous, by the way. Balikwisha firmly believes in herself. If he plays, he will be very eager anyway.”

Last week Antwerp overtook Viktor Fisher, while Alhassan Yusuf is now entitled to play. This week, attacker Johannes Eggestein and left-back Sam Vines also joined the group. “Eggestein is a hard-working striker who can score in all kinds of different ways,” said Priske. “I can play him deep, on the ten or on the flank. He brings us more options up front. I also expect a lot from Vines. Defensively he stands his ground and he has an excellent cross in the foot. Of course I would have preferred to see Sam arrive a few weeks earlier, but he still had to play the Gold Cup with the United States first. I’m happy for Sam that he won that tournament too. Hopefully he can help us soon now. Conditionally there is no problem, but it remains to be seen whether Sam’s administration will be in order in time.”

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