Plus-size model Yumi Well spoke candidly about her journey from a Christian school pupil to a fashion model posing in swimsuits. The 25-year-old celebrity admits that she is very different from her teenager, and, most likely, the past Yumi would have been disappointed in her matured.

The face of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover, the singer-songwriter wrote a lengthy article on the subject, and she begins her “thinking out loud” with these words:

“Destroying faith. As a teenager, I gave everything to Christ. Having matured, I finally return back. ”

According to Yumi Nu, her grandmother introduced her to the faith, and with these principles she lived almost her entire youth. The fashion model recalls how she worried about relatives and friends who were far from religion. At the same time, she caught herself on how many words of her teachers differ from reality. In particular, she was embarrassed that they called any relationship sinful, except for the relationship between a man and a woman. The girl had several gay friends, and she thought:

“If God is as loving as I’ve been told, why did he just reject some people?” — writes the model.

As a creative person, Yumi tried to realize herself, but within the framework of religious concepts, for example, she wrote songs dedicating them to God, etc. Later in Los Angeles, she found herself in the company of creative people and “felt free for the first time”:

“Separating myself from my past, I wrote and wrote. Finally released the song Sin (“Sin”) – about my break with the church. She lay with me for three years, but I did not feel ready for such a recognition, ”comments Yumi in an essay for The Cut.

Yumi concludes the article by saying that she is “still exploring her relationship with God” and learning to adapt to the world without looking back at the principles instilled in her childhood, summed up Spletnik .

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