Jensen Ackles was shocked by one of the episodes of the popular TV show.

The creators of the American superhero series The Boys did not suspect that the shooting would turn into a scandal. In the third season, the cast of the project was replenished with the star of “Supernatural” Jensen Ackles. The actor tried himself in different roles, but the participation in one of the scenes of showrunner Eric Kripke took hostility.

According to Entertainment Weekly , the 44-year-old actor read the script and called the author. Ackles was indignant: he would not act in such a mocking scene.

“As a father of three children, son, husband and self-respecting person, I cannot do this. I didn’t know where my limit was, but you found it, ”the publication quotes the star.

Unfortunately, it is not reported which episode in question. And yet, Kripke went to meet the performer of the role of Dean Winchester and softened the conditions. As a result, both were satisfied.

News recently posted when and where the new season of The Boys could be seen.

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