In March, rumors spread online that Friends star Jennifer Aniston had returned to musician John Mayer!

It’s all about John’s TikTok, in which he introduced new music along with a dog that looks like Jen Lord Chesterfield’s pet! Network detectives cited similar collars as evidence . “Maybe they’re having a dog date,” wrote DeuxMoi. But others disagreed: “This is not the same dog. Look at the face, ears and tail. “

Additionally, Jen and John were spotted at the Sunset Tower Hotel around the same time in February 2020. And in April, the actress attended his Instagram Live broadcast. A few months later, in December, the musician liked Jen’s photos on his fans’ Instagram account.

And only now the actress decided to comment on the news. When asked if she knew of the insanity caused by people trying to identify collars on her dogs, Aniston told InStyle, “It’s funny you think so because collars are really cool. They are made by a friend of my trainer – the brand is called RN Design. I got a lot of questions about dog collars. ” In short, the mystery of the dog collar has not been fully solved.

As for Deuxmoi – an Instagram account that talks about dating celebrities and raises the dog collar theory – the actress apparently doesn’t know about it: supper. This is what I really want to know. ” ^

Recall that John and Jennifer dated from 2008 to 2009. US Weekly previously reported that the musician wrote the song Shadowy Days to cope with the breakup, and the actress herself said in a conversation with Vogue that she continues to communicate with John.

Note, recently the actress told in what relationship she is with her other ex – Brad Pitt.

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