Fyodor Bondarchuk started filming the series “Actresses”. The show was written by the director’s wife, actress Paulina Andreeva. The star couple conceived a project that would reveal the lives of actors in an unusual genre for Russian TV.

The main roles will be played by Svetlana Khodchenkova (“Case”, “Anna K”), Elena Nikolaeva (“Wedding and Divorces”) and Polina Pushkaruk (“Offline”). The show will be made in the dramedy genre (like the TV projects “Clinic”, “Desperate Housewives”).

“The series focuses on the real life of three actresses, their fears, desires and goals. The series will show how those who are used to being thought of as carefree people really live, and how in the acting profession, someone who was everything yesterday can become nobody tomorrow, ”the message on the Kinopoisk service says , for which project is being developed.

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