4th August is the birthday of champagne. In August 1668, the French monk Pierre Perignon presented to the public a new golden wine with bubbles. He created it by controlling the fermentation process.

Bond, James Bond

Agent 007 is probably the coolest champagne drinker ever. He is a fine connoisseur of sparkling wines. In the saga about the secret agent, there are dozens of names of this drink, in particular Bollinger, Taittinger and, of course, his beloved Dom Perignon. Bond also owns several quotes that mention champagne.

“I think I underestimated Stromberg. Anyone who loves 1952 Dom Pérignon cannot be a complete villain. ” (c) “The Spy Who Loved Me”, 1977.

“My dear girl, there are some things that just don’t get done, like drinking Dom Perignon’53 in temperatures above 38 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s as bad as listening to the Beatles without headphones! ” (c) Goldfinger, 1964.

Taittinger is also known to be the favorite champagne of Bond novelist Ian Fleming. It is about this drink that there are more references in his books than about any other.

Marilyn Monroe

Although Marilyn Monroe’s career was short, the viewer will surely remember the vivid images of her heroines. A special place in the pictures with the participation of the star is given to sparkling drinks.

Her characters drank a fair amount of champagne, and one of them even created an alcoholic culinary masterpiece that set the trend for years to come. In the Seven Year Itch, Monroe plays a beautiful blonde who catches the attention of bachelor New Yorker Richard Sherman while his family is out of town.

“Hey, have you ever tried dipping chips in champagne? This is real madness! ” – says the heroine.

Nowadays, thanks to Marilyn, there are plenty of proposals for combining food and champagne.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby is a passionate champagne lover. Huge pyramids of vessels full of sparkling drink are an integral part of any of his extravagant parties. And the picture in which DiCaprio raises his glass has become a popular Internet meme.

It is noteworthy that in the cult novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, no specific brand was ever mentioned. However, in the 2013 film, the preference was given to the French house Moët & Chandon, the drink of this manufacturer in the picture flows like a river, because as F. Scott Fitzgerald said: “Too much of something is bad, but too much champagne is just right.”

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