Bolivian Justice Minister Iván Lima said Organization of American States (OAS) Secretary General Luis Almagro and a group of political opponents of former President Evo Morales have been tasked with consolidating the speech on electoral fraud in October 2019.

“As we know, the 10% difference between Evo Morales and Carlos Mesa came at the end of the day, and Evo Morales had a 10% difference and had passed 40% of the vote and, for that reason, he was the elected president. in the country, not even Almagro or the Bolivian opposition did not like it at all, ”Radio Minister Kawsachun Coca (21) said on Sunday, quoted by the Bolivian channel ATB.

Lima assured that the Secretary General of the OAS accelerated the process of upheaval in Bolivia by presenting on November 10, 2019 a preliminary report indicating that there were irregularities in the electoral process, which provoked mobilizations and attacks. charged with defamation, racism and discrimination in the country. streets.

According to the Minister of Justice, “it was clear that Almagro and the OAS had a role in this construction of the coup, we had to make a moral speech to the Bolivian opposition because we cannot say: ‘Me , with 4% of the vote, will be president of this country and I will stay as long as I want ”, because you must remember that they did not think of organizing elections on October 18 and did not think of staying one year, they thought they would stay a few more years and even end the pandemic, ”he revealed.

The official mentioned that the electoral fraud denounced by the opponents was not demonstrated during this period, nor in the 10 months of the de facto government of Jeanine Áñez.

After the Bolivian general elections of October 20, 2019, civil protests took place for three weeks, until November 10, the commander of the Bolivian armed forces, Williams Kaliman, suggested to Morales to step down from his presidential mandate.

The then head of state did so, and on 11 November former Senator Jeanine Áñez assumed the presidency, which sparked a new wave of social protests against the new government.

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