Earlier this week, when Sony officially announced its acquisition of Housemarque, an image mistakenly uploaded by PlayStation Japan apparently also confirmed Demon’s Souls developer Bluepoint. The photo – using the same styling as the one from the aforementioned takeover – included the protagonist of Returnal, suggesting it had to be revealed after the Finnish firm.

To put it bluntly, the image was very suspect: it wasn’t a mistake as extra effort had been put into its design. And if the platform owner has some marketing materials ready to go, it might be fair to assume that the deal is done – or, at the very least, almost done – behind the scenes. However, the remaster specialist has poured cold water on the speculation.

An update to his Twitter profile now highlights that it is a “fully independent, self-funded studio.” He also added the same language to a bunch of recruiting lists, even though he wasn’t there before. Why it would go to this kind of effort if acquisition talks are already at an advanced stage is beyond us – but then we are also puzzled as to why Sony has clearly crafted an image to announce a takeover that might even not to happen. Let’s wait and see if there is any movement on this over the next week.

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