Blizzard has sent letters to the creators of the Diablo II: Risen mods to shut down.

Blizzard is angry. And it shows, because he generally gets along well with fans and the mod community. However, there are times when he crosses lines that should not be crossed. And of course, the thing comes from mother. For this, Blizzard sent letters to the creators of the Diablo II: Resurrected mods.

To put it in context, let’s take a look at April, when the company opened a closed beta of the game . It could only be accessed by invitation, but some users got the code and look where they opened it so they could play with it without needing it. In addition, they also unlocked content that could not be used in the beta as classes or scenarios in principle.

Obviously, this is not something that every business likes. Having them take your demo, hack it, and post it on the net is something that hurts. But it hurts even more when they even make a profit by charging it.

Well, with this inspiring storyline, Blizzard started sending letters to the creators of these mods. The reason is obvious: remove the product from the Internet immediately. And indeed, they did with the game, the videos, and the tutorials on how to patch the alpha to be able to play it.

However, these letters, which are just warnings for now, could go further if Blizzard understands that they’ve done you more harm than they should. At the moment, the users who have received these letters are Ferib Hellscream, who released a mod called D2ROffline, and Shalzuth, who did the same with D2RModding.

Currently, mod webpages no longer find the files or tutorials to fix or unlock unauthorized content in the beta. Although, obviously, that does not mean that they have disappeared from the network. If it’s already difficult for Google to remove that photo in which you come out with more teeth than a horse, imagine that, it catches the eye.

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