Winning a questionable, albeit flattering, prize, Marvel Studios’ Black Widow recently took the no. 1 place as the most pirated movie of the pandemic era. Torrent Monster has released a ranking of the most pirated movies of the week, and Black Widow is now No. 1 for two consecutive weeks, which puts it in a category of its own. While the news is not surprising due to the enormous cultural relevance that Black Widow has, it does highlight one of the major issues that streaming movies have in the modern age.

Black Widow has broken box office records for money made during the COVID-19 pandemic. He made a very solid $ 80 million in his opening weekend in the United States, while crushing his supervisions. However, it was also the first MCU movie to be released simultaneously as a paid premium access movie on Disney +. Disney reported that Black Widow made around $ 60 million from her top-tier access views, which, if true, is pretty impressive. Due to the pandemic and an online streaming presence, Black Widowdropped considerably at the box office on its second weekend (at least by Marvel standards). Additionally, one of the big issues he has faced is hacking, and it is now proven that he loses quite a bit of money because of hacking.

One of the most notorious issues that streaming movies face is piracy. The reason streaming movies face this problem more directly than exclusive theatrical releases is because of the quality. When a movie is streamed, it is much easier to copy the movie and provide an HD version of the movie ready to be pirated. Cinema films, however, are at less risk because there is no HD copy of the film – deterring potential hackers. Just look at the top 10 most pirated movies of the week: nine out of ten movies exist on a streaming platform. This is why The war of tomorrow was no. 1 for a while despite arguably bigger movie like F9 be in theaters.

Marvel Studios shouldn’t be too worried, however, as Black Widow still made an impressive sum both in theaters and streaming, despite some aggressive hacking. It recently surpassed $ 100 million at the US box office (by far the fastest movie to do so since the pandemic) and is doing very well. Additionally, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige has stated that Black Widow will likely be the only MCU movie to attempt the exit strategy. There are still three Marvel Studios films slated for 2021, but all of them will be released in theaters exclusively. It’ll be interesting to see how the movies fare compared to Black Widow – especially the newcomers.Shang-Chi and the legend of the five rings and Eternals .

Black Widow is currently playing in theaters (still in IMAX until Thursday night – highly recommend) and is also available for purchase on Disney + for $ 29.99. It follows Natasha’s experiences between the events of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War . It’s a must-have for any Marvel fan. Please don’t hack it.

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