The stars have a double challenge every time a great first approach: promote it through media interviews and avoid spoilers to ruin the plot. Rachel Weisz , singer of Melina Vostokoff in Black Widow, was about to break his mission because in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel revealed that he had lost his list of secrets and said what he did not have to say . Look at the awkward moment!

The 51-year-old London actress almost made a rookie mistake despite a long career that included nothing less than an Oscar by The Constant Gardener in 2005. Since 2018, she has not performed for her role as Lady Sarah. in La Favorita and seems to have lost some industry idioms.

Video: Black Widow | Rachel Weisz lost her list of secrets and told spoiler she shouldn’t

The artist was a guest this Friday on the famous ABC show and it was perfect if from Marvel they asked him not to reveal certain things about the film which will be released on July 9. “I had a list, but I lost it. The only thing I remember is that I know the big spoilers that I’m obviously not going to say, but I can say that my character’s middle name is just how important. He indicated and motioned with his mouth shut.

However, Kimmel countered him and told him that this information is already “common knowledge” . In fact, in the comics, the character’s full name is known to be Melina Vostokoff. “That’s it, it’s public. You should perhaps have kept the list, that’s what I’m trying to say, ” said the driver in front of the discomfort of the actress who was limited to drinking water.

After coming out of a bad time, Weisz spoke about the character he will debut in the MCU with and said what he might have said : “Melina is a highly skilled Black Widow spy and scientist who speaks 25 languages ​​and manages a pig farm ” .

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