The singer thundered into a large-scale scandal.

Black streak: Shakira could end up in jail

The world-beloved singer Shakira may very soon end up in prison. The vocalist got into an unpleasant tax story. For three years, Spain conducted a secret investigation, as it was assumed that the singer had hidden 14.5 million euros in taxes.

Recently, the investigating authorities came to the conclusion that Shakira had not actually paid taxes all these years, and therefore she may very soon end up behind bars. Already, the prosecutor’s office imputes six episodes of crimes to the vocalist. If Shakira cannot defend himself, the situation will spiral out of control, according to the Spanish edition Pais .

Shakira herself had previously justified herself – all these years she lived in the Bahamas and practically did not appear in Spain. Later, this thesis was refuted by the tax authorities, which were carefully investigating the case.

According to Spanish law, in order for a citizen to be considered a tax resident, he must spend at least six months in Spain plus one day. The prosecution admits that because of her work, Shakira traveled regularly, but considers these trips to be “periodic absences” because her place of residence, where she returned from work, was Barcelona.

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