The habits of the royal family turned out to be a shocking discovery for Meghan Markle. She had no idea what difficulties she would have to face. All her hopes for a stormy high life collapsed like a house of cards, although she was warned about this.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and actress Meghan Markle met in 2016. Feelings flared up between them, and two years later the lovers were married in the chapel of St. George in Windsor Castle. After the wedding, the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, called the newly-made duchess to a conversation to give her some advice on how to behave in the Windsor family.

In particular, Princess Anne told Markle that the life of the monarchs is not fun, but hard work, where every day is scheduled by the minute. According to the memoirs of the only daughter of the British Queen Elizabeth II, Meghan Markle was dumbfounded to hear these words. She believed that royals lead a secular life: they pose on the red carpet and give interviews, according to . As a result, Princess Anne decided that Meghan Markle would not last long in the royal family.

“Princess Anne always knew that Meghan would have a very short shelf life in the world of the British monarchy,” said royal expert Neil Schon.

It would seem that her prediction came true, but something tells us that the duchess is not so simple. At least for now, Meghan lives happily in one of Santa Barbara’s wealthiest neighborhoods and is rumored to be spending a fortune on entertainment and luxury.

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