Billie Eilish has answered questions from celebrities such as Justin Bieber , Tim Burton , Mel C Yes Jodie Comer for a new issue of Vogue magazine .

As part of a recent interview published by Vogue, Eilish answered 23 questions asked by celebrities in a new video, which was released after the singer announced her second album, ‘Happier Than Ever’ .

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At the start of the video, Bieber asks Eilish, “I have a very serious question, would you rather have cool socks or sheets? To which the singer replies, “Why not both, Justin?” It really depends on the situation. I really don’t want to sleep on dirty sheets and I don’t want to wear dirty socks you know?

Later, actress Jodie Comer asks Eilish about her favorite karaoke song: “I really like it. SA … I feel empowered when I sing their songs… or Chef keef to be honest ”.

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Other celebrities also appear in the video, such as Dominique Fike , Orlando Bloom , Halle Berry , the Spice Girls and more.

On the other hand, Billie Eilish’s second album, ‘Happier Than Ever’, will feature 16 songs, including the songs, ‘Your Power’ , ‘So I’m’ Yes ‘ My Future ‘ , in addition to ‘ Everyone die ‘ , ‘ I haven’t changed my number ‘ , ‘ Cause lost ‘ Yes ‘ NDA’ , when it will be released on July 30th.

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