The main character of the upcoming film “Black phone” is a 13-year-old shy guy Finnie Shaw (Mason Thames). He was kidnapped by a sadistic maniac (Ethan Hawke) and locked in a basement with soundproof walls. In the same place there is a non-working telephone. And this is where interesting things begin. This phone is often called by the ghosts of the past victims of the maniac.

In the original, the message was slightly different. The main character was a grown man John Finney, who was locked in a basement covered in blood. There was also a disconnected phone that the dead were calling.

The original story was part of the collection “Ghosts of the Twentieth Century”, written by Joe Hill – the son of the famous king of horrors Stephen King.

True, from the trailer, you can predict the entire plot of the film and many of its twists and turns.

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