Getting fans into the gym is no easy task. But 38-year-old Chris Hemsworth has a secret trick. To do this, he just needs to take off his T-shirt and sparkle with the perfect press.

Chris Hemsworth, best known for his role as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, made a lasting impression on fans by posting semi-nude pictures on social media. The actor posted a photo from the gym, which appeared in some shorts. With such content, he tried to encourage people to play sports.

“The gym has everything you need for your fitness journey. What is missing is advice on what to do with the hands in the photographs. I hope this helps you all,” the actor captioned the racy photos, thereby trying to motivate fans.

And it seems he succeeded. Fans could not resist the sexuality of their pet. They bombarded him with enthusiastic comments.

“Better and better”, “Oh my God”, “Chris, what are you doing with us?”, “My heart almost stopped”, “Hot,” the followers wrote.

But in the professional field, Hemsworth, it seems, will not wait for such laudatory reviews – the new “Thor”, in which the actor starred, was boycotted , so the film was on the verge of a financial disaster.

Chris Hemsworth

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