As you can see in the Fallout 76 Roadmap, there is a huge amount of content ahead of us this year.

It might not have got off to a good start when it launched, but based on the work the title is now very different from what we saw at the start. And it won’t end there, since we have the future roadmap for Fallout 76 and it’s packed with stuff so we don’t get bored.

Bethesda is not abandoning its online multiplayer and has already announced four major updates that will be released in a phased manner. Each of them will appear throughout the different seasons of the year. That is, in the spring, summer, fall and winter of this 2021, we will have new content for the game .

The four Seasons

The first to arrive will be a series of additional new configurations of SPECIAL and the spaces for the CAMP To all of this we must also add the mannequins, new daily operations, the Ace of Armor with season 4 and new rewards such as aesthetic or consumable objects.

The second of those updates will go in the summer when the Reign of Steel arrives, an expansion that will end the history of this Brotherhood. In addition, users will finally be able to create legendary items using the corresponding modules.

Already in the fall and with more information to be confirmed, new daily operations will be unlocked in addition to an evolution of private worlds.

Finally in winter we will have a new patch. This will add, among other things, legendary weapons and armor up to four stars, more different types of enemies and a mission that will require all players available on the server to complete it.

Those who have purchased Fallout 76 through the platform can already experience the news for the Spring Update in the current version of the SPP firsthand.

Let’s go!

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