Bethesda’s space game has finally been shown to the public. Don’t miss the Starfield trailer and release date for this E3 2021.

The Bethesda Conference kicked off with one of the most anticipated titles since it was “mentioned.” Now, in this E3 2021, the company, hand in hand with Microsoft has shown the first gameplay and the release date of starfield … Even if it has been little.

Starfield will arrive on PC (Windows 10) and Xbox consoles on November 11, 2022. In addition, it has been confirmed that it will be available from that same day on Xbox Game Pass. This way, those who have requested exclusives for the Microsoft platform will be delighted. Those who don’t even want her to get beaten up because they’ll cry a bit. What can we do.

The trailer, which you have below, is more of a teaser that allows us to see the engine of the game , although little else. Come on, they didn’t break their heads much to get it to E3 2021. But hey, they’ve got almost a few years to finish it.

If you want more information (although there is little) you can go through the official page.

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