For several months now we have been watching the relationship between Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez, who, 20 years later, decided to give love a second chance. I must say, the stars behave just like teenagers in love: they do not avoid the paparazzi (which is a rarity for celebrities who have just started dating), kiss and hug in public and repeat (I wonder if deliberately?) 20 years ago.

Rumor has it that celebrity relationships are a smart PR move. This fly in the ointment was brought into a jar of honey by Australian TV presenter Em Rusciano. She stated, “We laugh a lot at this story and we are so shocked that people are hooked on it. Their relationship is complete nonsense. ” She received the information from an allegedly knowledgeable source. According to an insider, the halo of the singer’s attractiveness went out after breaking up with Alex Rodriguez, who was cheating on her. According to insiders, that Lopez again looked desirable in the eyes of men, and Ben Affleck was hired , although he is a famous lover of younger ladies (which is only his romance with the nanny of their children with Jennifer Garner and the relationship of Ana de Armas).

Be that as it may, the reunion of two loneliness causes an attack of emotion in most fans. And on this occasion, we have collected the best memes about a glued cup of prodigal lovers.

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