“Sherlock” It happened over ten years ago and managed to captivate viewers, and had greater reach and popularity as it was in the catalog of the Netflix streaming service. The BBC show, created by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat, premiered its fourth season in 2017 and from there it did not perform again . His fans are in doubt as to whether or not the story will continue, which is why Benedict Cumberbatch spoke up and gave revealing data . What did he say?

Recently, the famous detective show, along with its partner, Dr John H. Watson, made headlines after Netflix announced that it will no longer be available as of March 30, 2021. As expected, many fans regretted leaving the platform, but they can have hope after the statements of their protagonist .

In a conversation with Collider , Cumberbatch was consulted for a fifth season and replied, “I’m the worst person to ask about this because I never say never, obviously. But I do not know. And I’m the worst person to ask because my schedule is pretty busy right now, so are Martin Freeman and everyone. . the other key players involved ”  .

However, he clarified that this is a project that will seek to be picked up as one of his most important roles: “Maybe someday, if the script is right. And maybe it could be a movie instead of the series. Who knows? But not at the moment, anyway. “ . The actor is filming the sequel to ‘Doctor Strange’ , one of Marvel fans’ most beloved characters.

Benedict is brand new ‘The Mauritanian’ , will be part of Louis Waind’s biopic with Claire Foy, and will join the third ‘Spider-Man’ film as him Peter Parker’s New Mentor in the MCU , which features expects that with his wizard figure, he will be the one who opens the door to the long awaited Multiverse.

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