The film “Renfield” by Chris McKay, creator of Tomorrow’s War, explores the origins of the Earl’s servant.

The script of the film will be written by Ryan Ridley, known for the TV series “Rick and Morty”. In Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel, R. Renfield was a patient in a mental institution. It was believed that he suffered from an ailment that forced him to eat living beings in the hope of gaining immortality, but it was later revealed that Renfield was under the influence of a certain Count Dracula.

The details of the plot of the upcoming film are kept secret, but there are already rumors that the action will take place in our time. Following the commercial failure of The Mummy with Tom Cruise, Universal reversed strategy and achieved success in The Invisible Man.

With a budget of $ 7 million, the film grossed $ 143 million. The studio also has several other projects on similar topics, including “The Wolf Man” with Ryan Gosling. Holt recently co-starred with Angelina Jolie in Those Who Wish Me Death and played the Beast in the latest X-Men sequel, Dark Phoenix.

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