After a while there were always new footage from the Battlefield 6 trailer appeared, the entire video has now landed online. However, you’d better wait with the reputation until it officially appears. Because the quality of the leak leaves much to be desired. Nonetheless, we’ve taken a look and summarized what we already know can infer from the gameplay .

What do you see in the Battlefield 6 trailer?

Fans of the game have already edited the trailer, synced the audio track, and also improved the resolution. You should always live with a thick black bar all over the image. You can see such an improved version on Reddit.

The setting: Above all, the video confirms the rumors that the military shooter will play in the modern era. You can recognize modern war equipment such as flying machines and corresponding guns, but also Robot Dogs . Incidentally, these are not dreams of the future. They are already used in reality.

Awaiting Destruction: Since Battlefield: Bad Company the series has made a name for itself with its destruction. This is also the goal of the trailer. The two factions are fighting here for a launching pad for a rocket. However, their shot goes wrong and they tear up an entire building with it. As a result, we assume that we will experience comparable events in the game itself. It is not improbable. Because after all, already seated Battlefield 4 in destruction to a similar extent.

What equipment do political groups use? A Reddit user has taken a closer look at the technology used and can tell which devices will be used in the game. Among other things, it will be Ospreys to also give AH-1 Helicopter . In the rocket, however, it is a Chinese “Long March 3B” suggesting China as one of the factions. The robot dog, meanwhile, is pretty clearly modeled after Boston Dynamics’ famous piece of tech.

The Title: The video ends with the display of the game title. Instead of seeing the name “Battlefield 6” as expected, “Battlefield” is simply displayed. This could suggest that the new offshoot sees itself as some kind of reboot of the series.

When is there official information?

You won’t have to wait long for official information on “Battlefield 6”. Because the developer has already teased it for EA Play, which is in the June 2021 will take place. You can find out what exactly to expect from our news .

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