Confirmed at the Battlefield 2042 “Battlefield Briefing” on official Twitch today, the main designers Games have confirmed that the new maps and specialists Battlefield 2042 would cost nothing to prevent a division of the player base between paid DLC cards and paid specialists.

This was a huge problem in Battlefield V and other Battlefield games in the past. DLC maps often divide servers and mean newcomers can’t always enjoy all the game has to offer. Unlike previous Battlefield games, the new content will be completely free.

Each Battle Pass will include the new maps, four new Specialists, and other unconfirmed core gameplay content. Four seasons are slated for the first year of the game’s lifecycle. It’s pretty exciting to see DICE make a clear plan for the Live Service portion of Battlefield after the failure of Battlefield V.

While the main content is free, there is a paid version of the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass that will include cosmetics. This will likely follow the pattern of previous cosmetics in Battlefield, with skins for soldiers and vehicles.

It’s pretty clear that Specialists are going to be the biggest change in Battlefield. While the class system still exists in the game, specialists will be how each individual’s experience is shaped in the game. Thank you, DICE, for not charging for this privilege.

During today’s Behind-the-Scenes Battlefield feed, it was confirmed that Specialists will be able to change their gadgets , weapons, and this will have a big impact on how the game is played. One example was: Recce Specialists (more will be confirmed) can wear a Shotgun as an accessory and modify their Class Gadgets in addition to their Specialist Gadget.

Other news in today’s stream confirmed the map sizes, more on dynamic weather at different levels, as well as a little deep dive into one of the new game modes: Hazard Zone.

The developers were quick to clarify that Hazard Zone is NOT a Battle Royale, although it focuses on a small, intense squad combat that certainly looks more competitive. Maybe Battlefield will finally succeed in its round-based objective / competitive shooter, like Call of Duty or CS: GO ? Who knows.

More information on Battlefield will be revealed on EA Play in July. The danger zone will then benefit from greater coverage.

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