Nicki Minaj’s business can seriously pay for the name of a new product. Mattle, which created Barbie dolls, has filed a lawsuit against the rapper’s company and is now seeking damages, and all because of the obstinacy of the hip-hop star.

According to foreign media, Minaj’s Rap Snack brand has launched a new line of chips, which they called Barbie-Que. This angered the company that produces popular dolls. Mattel says that Minaj’s business representatives did not even try to negotiate or contact.

“Rap Snacks refused to stop using the BARBIE trademark and did not issue a corrective ad, forcing Mattel to file this lawsuit as a last resort to protect its rights and prevent further consumer confusion,” TMZ said in a post .

Now the company is demanding the termination of the use of its trademark, as well as damages. Minaj herself has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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