Today, games and films are usually blamed for the brutality of children and adolescents. Even so, how can you keep your child safe from inappropriate content?

Child psychologist Mikhail Zotov is convinced that films should not be banned. It is much more important to build the right relationship with the child, then prohibitions and control will not be required, the expert assured the portal PopCornNews.

“There is no novelty in this topic. When there was no Internet, at this age I also watched all sorts of films. They lied that we were 16 or 18 years old. Today nothing has changed, it has been going on for millennia. The solution to the problem, as always, is on the surface. There must be a trusting relationship with children and adolescents. If the relationship is like this, the child does not need to be controlled, there is no need to be afraid for him. And if there is no such relationship, the child will lie, ”the psychologist believes.

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