Some famous Greek women will soon hold their first child in their arms! The year 2022 seems to have turned out to be particularly… lucky for Greek showbiz, since the famous pregnant women are not one, not two, but… five!

Konstantina Spiropoulou

First is Konstantina Spyropoulou, who may not have admitted her pregnancy until now, but the information wants her to be in her fifth month, as she will give birth to the fruit of her love affair with businessman Vassilis Stathokostopoulos. The blonde presenter has kept her public appearances to a minimum, with just one sighting in early July out to the theater with her partner, where she appeared in an asymmetrical green satin dress, carefully hiding her midriff with a shawl, while also wearing flat mules .

At the beginning of August, she uploaded to her Instagram account four photos for promotional reasons, where she poses with a visibly swollen belly, which caused… havoc among her followers, who wished her in the comments about the pregnancy.

Ioanna Tunis

Ioanna Tunis has denied the rumors that have been circulating for some time regarding her separation from Dimitris Alexandrou, since a month ago she announced that she will give birth to their first child in a short time.

In fact, the well-known influencer had made a very emotional post to announce the happy event to her followers, where she was holding the pregnancy test and a huge bouquet of red roses and talking about her mom who passed away in the spring. A few days ago the couple also learned the gender of their baby, which is a boy, with Dimitris Alexandrou unable to hold back the tears of emotion and finally… diving into a pool from his excitement!

Mary Synatsakis

Mary Synatsaki was definitely the ultimate…surprise, since no rumors about her pregnancy had been circulated, and when she decided to announce the good news herself, she pleasantly surprised her followers.

The beloved presenter and influencer is happier than ever, as she will become a mother for the first time, while her partner, Ian Stratis, is also sailing in a sea of ​​happiness. The two are one of the most in love couples of Greek showbiz and the arrival of their first child will seal their relationship in the most beautiful way.

“A new soul is about to travel the earth and I’m still trying to express my gratitude that she chose us to be her parents. How much I wanted this to happen in our lives, I kept it in some deep secret thoughts that scare you to say out loud . Maybe that’s why we waited so many months to share it. Now that we do it’s not hidden anymore,” Mary Synatsakis wrote in her post, among other things.

Laura Narges

Laura Narges, who is in her eighth month of pregnancy, is expected to give birth to her first child. She and her partner, Christos Santikai, will welcome their son in a very short time and their joy is indescribable.

“I hope we will have five children. Otherwise at least three. We know the name we will give our baby from the first month. We will not say it yet, it will be a name that does not exist in the family, but it is important for Greece”, the radio producer had mentioned in an interview. Recently, she revealed that she has a difficult pregnancy and is in bed. “Since we are putting her to bed AGAIN at this time, my mother-in-law cooks while my mom does the other chores. Who said pregnancy is easy…” commented Laura Narges in a post.

Julia Alexandratou

Finally, Julia Alexandratou announced three weeks ago that she is expecting her first child.

The model announced the happy news through her personal Instagram account, as she uploaded a photo, in which she was lying in bed and showed us her swollen belly. In fact, she then uploaded a photo of her baby’s ultrasound.

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