If you had forgotten everything about Away: The Survival Series, we wouldn’t blame you. This interesting game has been announced since an inventory started in 2019, and since then we haven’t heard much about it. However, the title is still alive and well, and more than that, it’s now coming to PlayStation 5 as well as PS4 .

The pitch here is a game that unfolds like a kind of interactive documentary on nature. As a sugar glider, you will first dive through the forest, looking for food and avoiding dangerous predators. You will also be able to play as various other creatures, such as a praying mantis, salamander, frog, spider, and more.

As you play the game is told like it’s a TV documentary – it will tell you all about the animals and plant life you discover as you play, which is pretty cool. There is also a photo mode, so you can also try to take some wonderful photos of nature.

There’s no firm release date yet, but it’s slated for “end of summer,” so it can’t be too far away now. There’s a bit more info on the PlayStation Blog if you’re interested. Will you be playing Away: The Survival Series? Slip into the comments section below.

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